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Desktop Virtualisation

VMware | VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)
Give Users a Personal View of Their Data and Applications
The desktop of the future will not be a single physical device but a collection of different devices and environments. Applications and data may be located across a combination of locations for example: a virtual desktop running on a server, a home notebook computer and a webmail account. End users want the same view regardless of what device they use to connect to their desktop or where their applications and data are located – the user wants a universal client. IT organizations on the other hand want to simplify management and take control of desktops and applications cost effectively. Universal client is the next evolution in desktop computing including virtual desktop infrastructure.

Decouple applications, data, and operating system from the hardware and deliver them to the user rather than a device. Give users a personal view of their applications and data, whether they’re on a thin client or laptop, in the office or on the road. Intelligently deliver applications and data to any device and allow users to focus on their jobs rather than the tools. Balance the requirements of your business with the needs of your users and create a seamless experience where applications and data follow the user and not the d

systemscloud art of computing hosted desktop virtual desktop managed IT services

Build the Desktop of Tomorrow, Today

Business is more dependent on technology than ever before, yet more frustrated by its inflexibility. With an increasing mobile and globally dispersed workforce using multiple devices on multiple platforms, they struggle to connect to their data and applications across a tangle of web, desktop, and server based solutions. IT struggles to retrofit and manage the tightly bound single purpose system of OS, applications, and hardware. And when a user breaks or misplaces a computer—productivity stops, security is breached, and intellectual property can be lost. Reconnecting is no easy task: days are lost bringing users back on line and weeks go by as IT tries to recoup lost information.

Improve your Desktop Management

The monolithic model of tightly coupled hardware, operating system, and applications cannot keep up with today’s global economy while complying with business, regulatory, and security objectives. You need flexible solutions to drive your infrastructure based on the needs of your business. See how to improve your desktop management and:

  • Deliver personalized applications and desktops to a user, not a device

  • Enable flexibility with control

  • Centrally manage and secure user desktop environments

virtual desktop diagram systemscloud art of computing hosted desktop virtual desktop managed IT services
virtual destop diagram 2 systemscloud art of computing hosted desktop virtual desktop managed IT services
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