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How can you navigate without strategy? Good strategy is your route map – taking you to your destination via the most effective route, helping you steer round obstacles, and letting you reach out for new opportunities without getting lost.

Closer business and IT alignment is crucial
The impact of IT on business models and industries has increased substantially over the last few decades. Against this backdrop many CIOs recognise the challenge for companies to reduce costs and increase business value through IT. At the same time businesses depend on IT ensure that they are suitably agile to respond to increasing volatility in their competitive markets.

Based on the current situation and future scenarios, we understand the challenges that the business faces in order that the IT function:

  • Increases effectiveness and agility, the challenge being how to reduce cost and IT complexity, standardise IT services and processes, and take control of IT decision making

  • Becomes a business change agent, by focusing on how to maximise business value through IT investment, becoming a partner to the business, and using IT as a change enabler

  • Provides business innovation through IT, by establishing credibility to engage with the business on future possibilities and scanning for opportunities for competitive advantage through IT

These tried-and-proven IT strategy propositions have benefited many of our clients by creating a shared vision for IT, with board commitment to implementation. We have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to reduce IT costs, improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, and align business and IT strategy, as our success demonstrates. 

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