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Art of Computing
Doing More with Less... Look closely.

Innovation on every level... delivers business benefits, cost savings and performance improvements.

Virtualisation is the main driving force of IT today, with businesses having to look more closely into the cost and energy requirements in relation to demand and growth.

Let's be clear about things — your business isn't IT

But in one form or another it's probably fundamental to the success of your business – Your key systems all depend on your IT. It has a way of growing and developing more by accident than design; infrastructures evolve to meet changing needs that were never in the original plan. That's fine but you could be wasting time and money – and not getting the best from your systems or operational efficiencies.

Art of Computing is a leading independent virtualisation company in the UK. We pride ourselves at being at the forefront of the latest developments and new solutions, so that you don’t have to be.

Here at AoC we practice and advise on energy efficiencies to organisations. Our commitment to “Doing More with Less” clearly demonstrates our passion to help organisations significantly lower energy emissions by the reduction of physical infrastructure in favour of a virtualised environment.

Back to the old but in with the new...greener more powerful hardware aligned with virtualisation software and thin clients is the optimum sustainable IT infrastructure that gives you total flexibility and much lower operational costs and the credentials of having a much lower IT carbon footprint.

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